This little Web service is the work of Nick Doty.

The concept (and phrasing) of the "transparent eyeball" is the work of Ralph Waldo Emerson, from his "Nature", published in 1836. The eyeball man comic (see the original) was drawn by Christopher Pearse Cranch sometime between 1837 and 1839. Whether all mean egotism will vanish as a consequence of wearable, translucent heads-up displays and cameras remains to be seen.

This software incorporates to its benefit the libraries and sample code of many others. Authorization is accomplished through rauth (itself built upon Requests) and Google's oauth2client. Uploading to Flickr is built with python-flickr (recommended, as many of the other Flickr libraries are out-of-date); Google Glass interaction borrows heavily from Google's sample code.

I would be happy to share with you my code or my thoughts on transcendentalism in the age of ubiquitous computing, if you would find it useful.